Beau-Roc’s Diamond dump bodies set the industry standard for productivity and value:

  • Responsive custom design with efficient, on-time delivery
  • Maximum productivity with the original Diamond sidewall profile
  • More years and more miles or service with Hardox 450 steel
  • Lowest total operating cost for the life of your truck


Learn more about what makes Beau-Roc the innovation and quality leader in custom-built dump bodies:

The Diamond profile - inspired by steel

Beau-Roc customers recognize our distinctive Diamond body design as a major step forward in dump body engineering. The Diamond profile, Hardox® 450 steel and Beau-Roc manufacturing methods come together to provide truck operators and fleets with:

  • Higher payload capacity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Longer equipment life
  • Faster delivery

The Diamond body profile was first conceived in 2004. SSAB, the Swedish manufacturer of Hardox steels, had recently introduced a new Brinnel 450 steel formulated to optimize the material’s bending strength and wear resistance. The new steel opened doors to new production methods. The company envisioned a design that achieved its rigidity, not with reinforcement posts, but with long shallow bends in the body panels.

“This will be the dump body of our future,” said Beau-Roc engineers. They refined the design, adapted the production process and, within just 2 years, the Diamond profile represented more than 50% of all Beau-Roc sales.

Performs better than traditional bodies
  • Eliminating posts and braces reduces weight without losing cubic capacity; you can load more and earn more on every trip
  • The entire dump body is fabricated in wear-resistant Hardox 450 steel, providing the very best in durability from end to end
  • Its lightweight and sleek design achieve fuel savings on every mile – as much as 7% in some tests*
  • The Diamond body will flex instead of breaking under normal load and road stresses; so it suffers less wear and needs fewer repairs
  • The one-piece sidewall allows no catch points for loads to hang, which also saves cleaning and maintenance time
  • In the factory, the Diamond design eliminates many time-consuming welds, assembly steps and inspection points, so we can deliver on customer orders faster
  • The facets of the Diamond sidewall provide a clean smooth facing for signs or decals – the look of your truck will always reflect the high quality of your service
* Fuel savings estimated by SSAB for bodies constructed with Hardox steels

When you pay a little extra for Beau-Roc, it’s a little investment that pays off in a stronger future for your business, with trucks that continue to be profitable for years to follow.

How does Beau-Roc pay off in the long run?

  1. More profit per cycle: Every time you load up a Beau-Roc body, its strong-but-light construction lets you take on more payload – up to 700 lbs more than you can deliver with heavier dumps
  2. More paydays per year: The extra strength and care that Beau-Roc puts into every Diamond body means higher reliability, greater availability and resiliency on the job, so you can stay on the job with less downtime and deliver more loads
  3. Lower shop costs: If it isn’t broken, you don’t have to fix it! Beau-Roc quality reduces the cost of time and parts to repair your dump truck
  4. Lower fuel costs: If you’re like most dump truck operators, you spend at least half of time driving empty. With Beau-Roc’s lighter weight, you’re saving the cost of diesel on the back end of every run
  5. Lower financing costs: It makes sense – since your Beau-Roc body is built to last longer - up to 50% longer - you spread out the total cost of ownership over more years, so your cost per mile and cost per load is much less
  6. More miles and more loads: Rock-solid Diamond bodies not only deliver more pay on every load, they keep on doing it for more years, Beau-Roc durability lets you deliver more loads through the life of your dump body

… plus, think of the time you’ll save when you don’t have to go shopping for a new body!


When you get the green light for a new hauling project, you have to be ready to roll. Beau-Roc is built to help you start earning faster, with a dump body that’s built to earn longer.

What you need when you need it!

Most manufacturers will tell you, if you want custom features for your dump body, you’ll have to wait longer for it. But Beau-Roc isn’t like most manufacturers.

When we rolled out our premium Diamond line of dump bodies, we made the investment in integrated engineering and production systems to let us deliver everything our customers need, faster.

  • A detailed engineering database to support real-time configuration and quoting of dealer orders
  • Flexible CAD-systems to add individualized customer features to designs and production drawings
  • Streamlined Diamond-body assembly requiring fewer parts and welding steps
  • Seamless transfer of engineering drawings into machine data for computer-aided manufacturing
  • End-to-end quality controls to verify specifications from initial order to delivery
With a Beau-Roc Diamond body, you get everything you pay for, then some more to grow on!

Hardox 450 - The Ideal Steel for Dump Bodies

Steelmaker SSAB is world-renowned for its Hardox® line of wear-resistant steels.

Until 2002, high wear steels were too brittle to bend – fabricators were limited to cutting, welding and assembling the flat steel sheets. All that changed with SSAB’s development of a new Hardox material that combines high hardness with bending ability: Hardox 450.

Testing by SSAB demonstrated that shallow bends in a sheet of Hardox 450 can increase the sheet’s structural rigidity without compromising its ability to flex under stress. It was this revelation that led Beau-Roc to the Diamond sidewall profile.

Bending without breaking

Anyone can buy Hardox 450, but not every factory can bend it. With our large, precise 600 and 1000-ton brake presses, only Beau-Roc has made the investment in both design and manufacturing to apply structural bends to Hardox 450 without cracking the material or sacrificing wear resistance.

True Numbers

Unlike some other steels styled with a “450” name, the Hardox 450 steel used in Beau-Roc Diamond dump bodies is consistently rated with a Brinell number of 450 HBW. Other materials can range as much as +/- 50 points on the hardness standard.

Lighter Dump Bodies

Produced in thicknesses from 3.0 to 80 mm, Hardox 450 allows Beau-Roc engineers to give a full range of dump bodies the strength they require without the added weight of reinforcing posts and braces. Compared to traditional dump bodies, Diamond bodies built with Hardox 450 can deliver more payload, and then use less fuel on the return trip.

More Resilient

When Hardox 450 panels are assembled using old-style vertical posts, impacts on the panel can deform the post, causing dents and dimples to appear in the sidewall. When the post is then separated from the panel, Hardox 450 shows a “trampoline” effect, springing back into shape. By eliminating posts from the structure, the Diamond bodies take full advantage of the material’s resilience to absorb impacts and stress, and to last longer with fewer repairs.

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