Founded in 1984, Beau-Roc Inc. manufactures premium dump bodies for a wide range of customers and applications across Canada and the United States. What makes Beau-Roc unique is combining efficient processes for fast order turnaround with the use of the highest quality materials for products customized to meet specific customer requirements. The integration of engineering to computer-assisted production makes it a seamless process for our customers.

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With its popular Diamond product line first introduced in 2004, Beau-Roc leverages the two folds in the truck body’s diamond shape without compromising the one large plate of Hardox 450 steel. 

The Diamond line’s characteristic folded side profile is resistant to warping, is easy to maintain and will prolong the truck body’s exterior appearance. It has also proven to be an excellent location for the customers’ signs and decals!

In addition to Class 3-8 dump truck bodies, Beau-Roc builds custom builds contractor bodies, landscaper bodies, multi-purpose bodies, chipper bodies, pup trailers, roll-off containers and stainless steel bodies,each heavy-duty for strength but lightweight for maximum payload.


Backed by the significant investment in engineering and manufacturing, a key focus for the company today is on building strong relationships. Beau-Roc’s employees, managers and representatives subscribe to the importance of quality, and recognize this as the critical element in relationships with customers and suppliers alike. These working partnerships ensure success in the marketplace for all involved.

Continually striving to improve on haulage solutions for North America’s contractors, Beau-Roc is working on developing more aerodynamic and lighter dump truck bodies using new materials in the future to efficiently combat the fuel-consuming constant stopping and starting of these on-road vehicles.



Beau-Roc engineering is equipped with customized systems to support order-taking, R&D and production. Our detailed configuration database allows us to model customer orders in real time, enabling fast custom quotations to our dealers and a seamless flow into manufacturing.


Our detailed configuration database allows us to provide fast custom quotations to our dealers and a seamless flow into manufacturing. Beau-Roc engineering is equipped with customized systems to support order-taking, R&D and production.



Our two CAD-driven plasma beds quickly calculate the most efficient nesting of required parts cut to order daily. The program shortens wait times for custom orders while minimizing waste. Every part is serialized for easy tracking of each order’s progress.



Our 1000 ton press brake can bend Hardox steel sheets up to 24 ft. long in one piece. An essential capability for fabricating the Diamond sidewall profile is to minimize the number of welds necessary to construct our signature bodies.



Our investment in specialized jigs for all build stations allow fast, consistent construction as well as comfortable access for welders and assemblers. Electronic sensors continuously check tolerances for straightness and flatness in sills, floors and walls.



The dump body is fastened onto a hydraulic dolly that turns 360 degrees and pivots at steep angles making all surfaces accessible to the operator. Highly pressurized sand is then projected onto steel bodies to buff away their surfaces to ready for painting.



Steel bodies are brought into a large paint booth and then sprayed with a high-quality epoxy primer paint assuring strong corrosion and chip resistance.



Steel bodies are then brought into this oven where the paint is cured completely at high temperatures within only half an hour. This ensures an even stronger and durable finish to the paint, and accelerates our production line.